A Roadhouse for Wanderers

Deep inside each person

lies the maverick spirit of adventure, the unquenchable desire to explore, to see the other side of the mountain. Inside each person is the need to measure your spirit against the basic elemental forces.

Inside us all is the call to stand on the edge of the cliff and to feel the breezes of an unknown wind as it cleans away the known and familiar days of waiting for the opportunity to wander into the adventure of our dreams.

As this desire is called upon and fulfilled we become the next picture, we change frames, our world becomes cleaner and more defined.

Now we step to a new level of excellence. We discover a new standard of quality to be explored and shared, and we fulfill our need to refresh our minds and lives with the wonder of the beauty of our earth and our spirits.

The maverick is the free spirit that follows its own path, hears its own voice, and sings its own song.

We honor this spirit in you and salute you in your quests of adventure by presenting,

The Maverick Inn…..a roadhouse for wanderers.

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